Thursday, November 09, 2023

2022 Topps UK Edition


We're back once again with another repack pack from MJ Holdings via Walgreen's. These aren't cheap like the discounted leftovers you would see back in the day, but at $7.99, you could buy three of these for less than the price of a blaster and still end up with six packs. It's not amazing, but not bad for current times I suppose. While only the first pack is showing on the front, you can generally tell by looking at the side of it that you're at least getting a second Topps pack and not some off-brand draft pick nonsense. In any case, I would probably never end up with something funky like Topps UK any other way. Here's a pack of the 2022 edition.

93 - Mike Moustakas - First up, we have a vet. Moose Tacos has been around since 2011 and split time between Colorado and the LA Angels this past season.

142 - MJ Melendez - Melendez is an interesting rookie card to pull. He hits like a catcher but can also play the outfield.

155 - Carlos Rodon - He is fired up! This is the same photo as used on his Topps Update card.

113 - Rafael Devers - Here is some star power.

40 - Jesus Luzardo - Luzardo has a scary arm and seems to have taken a leap forward in his second full season with Miami.

19 - Joe Ryan - I saw this guy on that MLB Network show "Carded" recently. It would be weird to open a random pack of cards and see yourself on one of the cards.

214 - Bryce Elder - Bryce made the All-Star team in his first full season in the league, so this is a pretty solid RC to snag. I'm sure some Atlanta fan will be all over this.

46 - Andrew Vaughn - I really am not a fan of the City Connect jerseys that I've seen. I think the Angels one is the only good one so far, and I'm dreading the day my team ends up with one.

172 - Marco Gonzales - Speaking of City Connect, I think the Mariners may have dropped the teal jerseys in 2023 because of their new jerseys. Can anyone verify this? I heard that MLB was imposing a limit on the number of different jerseys a team could wear in this stupid Nike era. Unfortunately, I can't find a good, up-to-date resource online for team jersey histories for baseball.

127 - Lucas Giolito Black (083/125) - Each UK pack seems to have an insert or parallel in it, and this black bordered one would probably please some White Sox fans. Not bad.

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GTT said...

Writing that MJ Melendez "hits like a catcher but can also play the outfield" is such a beautiful put-down.