Wednesday, November 22, 2023

2023 Topps Update Series Retail


Hope everyone is enjoying Thanksgiving week.  Shortly after my last post, I found out that I have reached 21 years of working the second job at Target.  My "side hustle" is legal!  While I no longer work as many hours there, they still seem pleased when I show up from time to time.  

In other news, my eldest has expressed an interest in getting a job, and has begun applying at different retail places; yes he tried at Target but since he's still a minor he didn't make the cut.  His drive to start working did not come from me!

I haven't seen rack packs of Update since the October release.  I don't know if Topps or the big box stores changed their options, but I did find some packs after my last Target shift.

It's still $3.50 a pack, but now it's just 14 cards!  Did Fanatics think we wouldn't notice?

Anyway, here's who I got:

#US262 - Michael Papierski / Cody Sedlock (Rookie Combos)
#US84 - Ryan Feltner

Cody Sedlock pitched for the Illini so that's cool.  He appeared with the Orioles before being traded to Detroit.  He underwent Tommy John surgery earlier in the year.

#US213 - Ryan McKenna
#US292 - Pete Alonso Season Highlights (Checklist)

Nice flyin' McKenna!

There's been lots of rumors going about that the Cubs are trying to trade for Alonso.  Don't know if they're trying for a placeholder to give Matt Mervis time or they assumed they're out of the running for Cody Bellinger's continued services.  To me, if you trade for the Polar Bear, you have to try to extend his contract.

#US142 - Miguel Vargas (RC - Rookie Debut)
#US295 - Cooper Hummel
#US111 - Thaddeus Ward (RC)
#US122 - Jordan Walker (RC - Rookie Debut)

Still not a fan of the Rookie Debuts.  

#US235 - Yimi Garcia
#US21 - Andres Munoz

There's 330 cards in the Update set.  Here's the checklist if you need it.

#US8 - Patrick Bailey (RC)
#88US-38 - Bryce Harper (1988 Topps)

Still not used to seeing the inserts at the back of the pack; I prefer them to be in the middle.

There's 50 cards in the 1988 set.  I checked the back of the pack for the retail odds of pulling one:

Um, OK then.

If I looked at the right line (it's an 8 page PDF), the odds to pull a 1988 Topps is 1 in 4 packs.  Go here to get to main Odds page.  Hopefully Topps won't get rid of these after a few years.

#ASG-42 - Salvador Perez (2023 All-Star Game)
#SMLB-76 Sonny Gray (Stars of MLB)

I like that the All-Star cards aren't part of the base set.  Retail odds should be 1 in 3 packs.

As usual, the Stars of MLB come one in every retail pack.  

Here are the backs because gobble, gobble:

So that's the pack.  Bummed there's less cards for the same price as last year.  The missing odds is also disappointing, but not as bad as getting less cards.  So fill up your Thanksgiving plates more to compensate!  

Happy Thanksgiving to all, be kind to those retail workers on Black Friday, and thanks for reading!

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Bulldog said...

I miss the NL and AL logos or an all-star game logo on the all-star game cards. But I like all-star cards so I'll go with it. Not sure about the Debut cards. Don't do much for me. Fun post. You have a good Thanksgiving!