Saturday, April 24, 2010

1981 Topps Baseball

A 1981 Topps pack that did cost a little more than 35 cents.

Although no one really wants damaged cards I do sort of miss wax pack marks on the back of cards as in this Luis Tiant:

#627 Luis Tiant

Although George's nickname is "Captain Easy" Wikipedia says that he rarely signs autographs. There's a challenge for you Through The Mail collectors!

#230 George Hendrick

Possibly Coolest Random Stat Ever: Ron Hassey is the only catcher to catch two perfect games.

#564 Ron Hassey

Night Owl, if you need/want this one just let me know.

#440 Jerry Reuss

Punk Rock Paint, if you need this one just let me know.

These future stars look so young and innocent...well, as innocent as two guys with a mustache and one guy who looks like Charles Bronson without a mustache can look.

#356 Padres Future Stars George Stablein/Craig Stimac/Tom Tellman

If this isn't one of Dinged Corners favorites, it should be:

#414 John Pacella

And eight more:

#484 Max Venable
#346 Larry Christenson
#525 Mike Torrez
#646 Marvis Foley
#492 Barry Foote
#631 Ron Jackson
#542 Larry Bradford
#144 Allen Ripley

Topps Hit To Win Baseball Game Contest Card


Matt Runyon said...

Two Giants in the same pack -- that's a Hall of Fame pack! :)

I forgot about the Hit to Win cards. I don't think I ever won anything besides the player photos. Have you scratched it to see what you "won" ?

Matt Flaten said...

No, I haven't scratched it yet. I've got a couple of these and so I'll probably do a post in the future to pick which "Batter" I should choose.

The Baseball Card Snob said...

Probably one of the worst designs ever. You would think that the first year competing against Fleer and Donruss, Topps would have been a little more inspired.