Friday, April 09, 2010

2009 Cards One Historic Vintage Collection - Baseball Edition

Hi. I'm afraid that I really screwed up and for that I must apologize. You see, I posted here about a pack I picked up at a Dollar Tree from the questionable people at Cards One for sheer comedic value (and because it fit within the mission of this blog.) What I did not expect is to read, several times over, about people's own experiences in buying these horrible repack "packs" and what shenanigans they found within. There was, however, another series of packs that this company is also pushing at the dollar stores and I will reveal one of these packs' contents right now. I am hopeful that this will cause everyone to keep far, far away from this stuff. I already have something like 25,000 cards like this to get rid of, after all. The last thing I need is more junk!

Click on the image above to see the stated odds for whatever you're supposed to get in these things. It's laughable.

1988 Topps - 179 - Charlie Puleo

1989 Donruss - 387 - Junior Ortiz

1990 Score - 142 - Dickie Thon

1992 Topps - 435 - Mark Eichhorn

1992 Topps - 434 - Wally Backman

1988 Topps - 634 - Jose DeLeon

1992 Fleer - 495 - Daryl Boston

1992 Fleer - 494 - Tim Wallach (These are probably the first two 1992 Fleer cards I've ever scanned.)

1990 Donruss - 351 - Jeff Reed

1990 Donruss - 591 - Tom Pagnozzi

1992 Donruss - 248 - Mel Hall

1998 Upper Deck - 191 - Kevin Polcovich (I've never heard of this guy and this is easily the best card in the pack.)

1992 Donruss - 445 - Joe Grahe

1992 Donruss - 448 - John Marzano

1992 Studio - 51 - Bret Barberie

I'm accepting any and all guesses as to which card is the 1-per-pack "Historic Star Card".

For a slightly different take, I did unwittingly by a box (not a repack!) from this company recently which I will share on my blog soon. They're not completely evil.


night owl said...

I think you got gyped on your guaranteed "historic star" card. There's no one even remotely close.

Todd Uncommon said...

Wow, you didn't even get a star card, much less a "historic" one. You should send the pack back to CardsOne demanding your 1:1 (logically, if not stated explicitly) guarantee of getting such a card.

Of course, they might respond by saying that you hit some serious mojo by getting no less than THREE cards at least 20 years old for your 1:5 per pack odds. For this haul, you should have had to buy 15 packs of this stuff!

By the way, what's the Autograph Redemption offer details listed on the back of the pack? Trying to redeem that ridiculousness might be another whole adventure on its own.

姚慧玲 said...
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LoCoDe said...

Tim Wallach once drove in 123 runs in a season. That's pretty historic for an Expo 3B.