Monday, April 12, 2010

1997-1998 Upper Deck Basketball European Stickers

Another day, another pack of European stickers. This time we're looking at some 1997-1998. Again the only thing distinguishing these as foreign is the Italian address on the backs. If you thought the other pack was worth the Hall of Shame, wait until you see this and the next one!

Michael Jordan makes another appearance, and this time he's playing Virtual Boy. I have no idea what that red splotch is supposed to be in the lower right corner, but I think somebody's pizza went bad. Anyway, who's ready to open up some "basket basketball stickers?"

#219 - Chris Mills - First off, man is that ugly. Oh, and the sticker is hideous, too! Second, this time around they made it so the actual sticker is only the outline of the player. I guess we can consider that a positive until you get the album, which I can only imagine is a larger sea of splotchy zits.

#243 - Mark Jackson - Seriously, you mean there are over 240 of these things? In 6 sticker chunks? And they look like this? And the best player you're going to get sometimes is Mark Jackson? Where do I sign up? And who's red pen exploded?

#267 - Kevin Edwards - Spoke too soon. Add another 20 something to that. Man, I would be ticked off if I got Kevin freakin' Edwards in a pack of 6 stickers.... Wait a minute.... Awww, and someone's dog vomited blood all over it...

#266 - Sherman Douglas - I liked this guy, but I liked almost all of the scrappy guards. Here's what the ba backs of the basket basketball stickers looks like. Note the Italian text, thus confirming my pants are not on fire, unlike whatever they took a picture of for these things.

#105 - Olden Polynice - I'm trying to think how fun these would actually be to place in a sticker book if I were ten years old. I think that even then I would feel robbed that I only got to use 1/4 of the total surface area in my book. The thing is so small already, the sticker part of the sticker doesn't need to be tinier.

#56 - Brent Barry - I collected about 75-100 different players back in my hardcore basketball days. I had pages for Douglas and Jackson, too, but Barry I actively pursued. Not exactly sure what it was about him, but there you have it. This, to me as a 16 year old collector, would have been worth the price of admission.

If you think sticker designs can't get any worse, just wait to see what I have in store for you next time! I will say that these are more gaudy and eye-gouge-worthy. I do want stickers to make a comeback, but not if they look like this.

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madding said...

I hate Brent Barry because he went to Oregon State, and also because he abandoned his "granny style" free throw shot by the time he was a senior in college.