Friday, January 21, 2011

1985 Topps baseball

First let me give a shout out to Stevens Creek Sport Cards in San Jose, CA. Every year when I vacation around California Bay Area I always make the trek there to buy cards. They have amazing selection of packs and boxes to choose from. I went there over the weekend buying up packs like these. I'm hoping to pull out that Mark McGwire card. As for the pack I wound up with these.

680 - Jerry Reuss. He was the card on the back of the pack.

639 - Ed Hodge. His only season in the majors. Spent his final two seasons of the his careers in AAA ball.

275 - Harold Baines #1 draft pick card. Topps print out former first overall picks on this set. Interesting note I read on the back he caught the eye of then-White Sox president Bill Veeck when he was 12 years old playing Little League ball. Kinda creepy.

427 - Mario Ramirez. Another Mario struggling hit above .200. In his six seasons in the majors he only hit above .200 twice with his best effort in 1985 season.

555 - Bob Stanley

394 - Bob Caffrey. Not the Team USA card I wanted. Drafted 13th overall by the Expos he lasted five seasons spending four of the seasons in A-ball.

748 - Lee Mazzilli

356 - Dave Meier - put up solid hitting numbers in the minors but didn't translate in the majors. Didn't play 1986 season after Twins released him. Rangers signed him for 87 season where he spent most of the year in the minors and getting a cup of coffee in the majors. Traded to the Cubs in final season his career in, where else, the minors and getting a 2 game cup of coffee.

Can I still redeem these?

201 - Burt Hooten. I notice after the sweepstakes card few cards have been poorly cut. This is one of them.

405 - Dale Berra. Another bad cut. As you can see clipped right below the black line. On the back of the card it cut off the first number of his card.

439 - Junior Ortiz

128 - Ernie Whitt. He made contact with that swing

366 - Todd Cruz - 1984 is the last time he played in the majors. He spent next three years in the minors before calling it quits. Made a comeback in 1991.

322 - Dave Stapleton
500 - Mike Schmidt -despite a bad cut still a good way end the pack.

Still no Mark McGwire card yet.


Play at the Plate said...

Schmidt saved you. Sort of.

Greg Olsen said...

Don't forget the other great RC's in this set: Roger Clemens and Kirby Puckett! Sorry you lucked out... great set.

LoCoDe said...

Ouch. Ed Hodge?