Sunday, January 23, 2011

1990 Pro Set Series 2 Football

Are you watching football right now? I am. Here are some guys that don't play football anymore. Be very careful when handling 1990 Pro Set cards. I hear if you get water on them, they multiply exponentially.

395 - Dalton Hilliard Pro Bowl (Last seen: Watching Star Trek with his nephew, Ike.)
- Pro Set Playbook IV

389 - Bill Fralic Pro Bowl (Last seen: Selling insurance.)

570 - Hassan Jones (Last seen: Playing Facebook games.)

585 - Hoby Brenner (Last seen: Catching passes on third-and-long for me in Tecmo Super Bowl.)

641 - Bubba Paris (Last seen: Inspiring and motivating.)

384 - Mark Carrier Pro Bowl (Last seen: Joining Mark Carrier and Mark Carrier on a spiritual quest.)

427 - Scott Case (Last seen: Building a really sweet town made out of Legos.)

432 - Jessie Tuggle (It wouldn't be a Pro Set pack without an error card. His name is spelled wrong.)

646 - Brian Blades (Last seen: Playing in a bar band with his brother Bennie as Blades of Steel.)

526 - Jack Trudeau (Last seen: Hosting the Fox Sports Radio show Zakk and Jack at 3:00 in the morning.)

729 - Bernard Clark (Last seen: Coaching linebackers at the University of Pittsburgh.)

708 - Keith Sims (Last seen: Watching Twilight with his four children.)

793 - Ronnie Lott Photo Contest (Last seen: Polishing trophies named after himself.)

790 - Mike Mularkey Photo Contest (Last seen: Wondering how his Falcons offense failed to keep up with the Packers last week. And slip 'n sliding. Lots and lots of slip 'n sliding.)

MVP Collectible 22 - Doug Williams Super Bowl MVP (Last seen: Apparently he's the GM of something called the Virginia Destroyers, who seem to only exist in theory.)

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Kin said...

I loved the photo contest cards as a kid.