Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1991 Enor Pro Football Hall of Fame

Guys, there are more than 50 contributors to this blog, but it seems like if I don't post for awhile the whole thing goes dark. Don't let this happen! In fact, just to be a jerk, I'm going to post really terrible football packs until we see some life from a few of the other APTBNL writers. Do you really want this? Do you?

118 - Hugh "Shorty" Ray (Yes, I've resorted to posting ref cards! Actually, this guy isn't even a ref. He's a suit!)

103 - Ernie Stautner

89 - Sid Luckman (Pioneer of the "T" formation. Three running backs! What the hell?)

29 - George Connor

151 - (Willis didn't play in the NFL for his first 4 professional seasons because it was racist.)

138 - Y.A. Tittle

37 - Bill Dudley (Halfback / Defensive Back / Punter / Kicker)

80 - Tom Landry (It's hard not to put "laundry" when typing his name.)

86 - Bobby Layne (All of the card backs look like this.)

15 - Mel Blount (No relation to LeGarrette as far as I know.)

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