Thursday, June 30, 2011

1991-92 Fleer Series 1 Basketball

In "honor" of the NBA lockout, here's the very last NBA pack in my household that I haven't posted anywhere. It's pretty much garbage, just like work stoppages in pro sports. I'm done with this league until they can get it together.

31 - John Paxson (Paxson was a key cog in the early Jordan-era Bulls teams, but wasn't nearly the scorer that his older brother John was in his heyday with the Blazers.)

138 - Charles Oakley (I had a softspot for the '90s Knicks teams. Oakley was fun to watch. He's had some serious back issues that may keep him from his continuing his coaching career, which is a shame.)

155 - Jim Lynam (Another guy with Blazers ties, Lynam served as an assistant to Dr. Jack Ramsay with Portland in the '80s. Nice tie, Jim.)

165 - Mark West (West used to battle Buck Williams for the field goal percentage crown every season by never shooting the ball unless he was inches from the rim.)

112 - Rony Seikaly (Seikaly's card is indicative of this set's ill-conceived design where so much real estate is taken up by a series of NBA logos. Lame.)

55 - Joe Wolf (Wolf played a few games with Portland and from what I can remember was pretty terrible.)

191 - K.C. Jones (More Sonics! Less Stern!)

217 - John Stockton Fleer All-Star Team (I hate to say anything positive about Stockton, Malone or the Jazz, but he sure did make playing point guard look simple.)

63 - Dennis Rodman (What can you say that hasn't already been said about Rodman?)

117 - Fred Roberts

139 - Pat Riley (Post-Lakers and pre-Heat.)

235 - 1991 All-Star Game Alvin Robertson

80 - Otis Thorpe (Thorpe, shown facing the Blazers here, was Portland's consolation prize when Clyde Drexler wanted out.)

130 - Derrick Coleman (Coleman should have been huge, but he had to wear those tie-dye jerseys.)

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Anonymous said...

Good pack. Not so sure about the poster though.