Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2004 Upper Deck Series 2

Ah, 2004... we were all so young then. Voting for John Kerry, tearing the club up, buying cards and Sparks at 7-11... those were the days.

421 - Placido Polanco

300 - Bill Mueller (I have very little of this set. I think I'd actually like it a lot more if the names were easier to read.)

388 - Shannon Stewart (Where is Jacques Jones?)

326 - Ken Griffey Jr.

370 - Hideo Nomo

525 - Mike Vento Star Rookies (Who?)

503 - William Bergolla (Bergolla cracked the bigs for 38 plate appearances in 2005.)

275 - Garret Anderson

SL-22 - Nomar Garciaparra Super Sluggers (This is a one-per-pack retail insert. I think I have a couple of Eric Chavez Super Sluggers cards. If our planet ever runs out of fuel, I could probably survive for awhile just burning all of my A's cards for warmth. Nevermind the toxic fumes...)


night owl said...

Yet another Nomo card I need.

Sounds like you were having more fun in 2004 than I. My year consisted mostly of watching Dora the Explorer.

flywheels said...

^ Haha! Good one NO. I love the photography on the Griffey card. You are right, the names do appear to be a little difficult to read.