Sunday, October 14, 2012

1984 Topps Baseball Photo Rub-Downs

My last post focused on a 1985 pack of Topps Rub-Downs.  
This post takes a step back and looks at the prior set from 1984.

The 1984 and 1985 sets were practically identical: 32 different sheets featuring 112 different players.
2 sheets in a pack, with the instruction/checklist card, and piece of gum.

The only difference I could find between the two issues is on the back of the instruction card, or, on the checklist side.
The 1984 card above lists the National League teams first, whereas the 1985 card lists the American League teams first.

The font on both the front and back of the card is slightly different as well.

And again, a Topps advertisement on the back of the pack.

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Todd Uncommon said...

You gotta try putting down one of these rub downs on something. I mean, who wouldn't want a Kent Tekulve on his mailbox, or his nightstand?