Saturday, October 25, 2014

2002 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Pack


Hope everyone's ready for the weekend.  As I type this, the Royals have just locked up Game 3 of the World Series.  I hope it's an entertaining Series and while my heart says Kansas City (because why not?), my brain says San Fran (because somehow I think it's more logical to watch a team develop and take gradual steps to win it all as opposed to a "Cinderella" scenario).  But hey, if KC wins I have no problem with that, because why not?

When I did my anniversary post I noticed that my first sports pack post was uploaded 3 years ago today.  Not only that, but I noticed I uploaded a pack from the same set last year.  Well, I have one more from 2002...from the scan folder, it's a 2002 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Pack!

I believe I did pay $5 for the pack, purchased from the LCS near where my parents live.  I figured it was a good deal, since I didn't have many 2002 cards in the collection, and it's 2 more cards than what you get for a $5 Topps rack pack nowadays.  Let's see what I got:

No# - Ticket To History Promotion
No # - Checklist (4 of 4)
#483 – Chris Carpenter
#537 – Luis Sojo
#514 – Mark Grudzielanek
#421 – Felipe Lopez

Since this is the third 2002 Topps pack on the site, there's no need to comment on the cards themselves.  I 
will give bonus points for the Checklist not counting as part of the 38 cards.

#456 – Eric Owens
#372 – Willis Roberts
#586 – Nate Cornejo
#402 – Kyle Loshe
#538 – Brent Butler
#468 – Rusty Greer

I didn't notice until now that the trusty scanner did not eat up the borders here.  Maybe it's a white border 
thing.  Moving on...

#377 – Nick Beugebauer
#439 – A.J. Pierzynski
#434 – Bill Mueller
#559 – Sun Woo Kim
#448 – Kevin Millwood
#506 – Wilton Guerrero

#432 – Erubiel Durazo
#697 – Ivan Rodriguez (Gold Glove)
#713 – Larry Walker (Gold Glove)
#99 – Gene Woodling (1952 World Series Anniversary)
#610 – Scott Rolen
#550 – Ken Griffey Jr.

That Woodling is shiny, but not Chrome-shiny.  Airbrush that C from Junior Griffey's helmet and you've got 
5 great base cards for one of them Panini sets.

#425 – Frank Thomas
#633 – Jermaine Dye
#470 – Lance Berkman
#385 – Fred McGriff
#367 – Mike Lieberthal
#640 – Alex Rodriguez

The last 11 cards ain't so bad for 2002 standards.  And ignoring A-Rod, more Panini goodness.  I think 
that's the problem...Panini's offerings are so tightly cropped, the lack of logos is too obvious.

#613 – Ray Lankford
#570 – Ryan Klesko
#530 – Brian Giles
#599 – Preston Wilson

Nice Giles and Wilson shots.  Moving on...

#585 – Miguel Tejada
#455 – Barry Zito
#516 – Sterling Hitchcock
#522 – Steve Finley
#505 – Ben Sheets
#565 – Andres Galarraga

Oh, it's the horizontal portion of the Jumbo pack.  Nice Big Cat card to end it.

Here's the obligatory backs:

Anyway, that's the pack.  I'm out of 2002 Topps packs, so I have no idea what I'll post next year.  Anyway, enjoy the rest of the World Series...thanks for reading!


JediJeff said...

It's a shame on that Galarraga. Pull back a bit with the framing, bring the catcher into the card and it would be gorgeous. Right now, it's just a tiny player on a polkadot background.

madding said...

Sadly, I still need that Chris Carpenter card for my collection.

Dion's IP Autos only said...

Interesting at how slim A-Rod looks in this card must have the infliction that Barry Bonds had!