Sunday, October 12, 2014

2014 Cryptozoic Adventure Time Trading Cards

I picked up this pack from The Book End in Stockbridge, GA for $3.00. I typically check out at least one pack of any new non-sport card products I see just to get a feel for the set and if I should buy some more. Turns out the Adventure Time set is about a perfect non-sport set that I could ask for. 

The two main focuses of the set are cards featuring title cards from the episodes of the show [which number more than 150 thus far] and cards featuring original art for the set. "Tree Trunks" was Episode 4 of Season 1 while "Crystals Have Power" was Episode 8 of Season 2.  Autographs fall 1:24 packs, sketch cards 1:24, and relic cards are 1:96 packs or one in three full boxes. What exactly is an Adventure Time relic? How does an animated show have relics? All good questions. Here are a few examples for sale.  

#20 Tree Trunks
#31 Crystals Have Power

This is clearly one of the greatest cards ever made! Be careful or you might melt your face!

In This Issue #05 

In This Issue #13

In This Issue #04

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