Sunday, October 19, 2014

2014 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

I have so many scanned packs in my APTBNL folder I couldn't decide which to post, so after a quick run thru, today we are posting Upper Deck's 2014 release of their A&G-ish product, Goodwin Champions.

This is a set I really, really want to like. But after a couple great releases and the loss of some licensing, I can't get into this. Don't get me wrong - I think, subject wise, UD does a great job choosing who appears. It's just a dreadful design and painful to look at. I like that is it printed on old chipboard stock - that is a plus. The images are creepy, though.

On the rare chance you get a subject that you cannot see their face, the card is nice. The framing around the person is a little too heavy. The scan may not be showing all the scroll detail in the border, also.

See. Kind of juuuuuuuuuuust missing the look of the person. At least there is no foil on these cards anywhere.

Here's the licensing issue in play. I guess that makes for unique cards with players not in their sport. One thing I do like - the fact that the subject is busting out of the center frame at the top. That's cool.

I am not sure the different color border on this card. Johnny D-Bag Jackass Foosball is not a short print. My guess is just slight variation to add the the charm and "age" of the set.

One mini every other pack. This is a canvas mini, limited to 99. Now these I like. I think it's the tactile feel that makes them enjoyable. I like all the sets like this though - Masterpieces and even 95-96 Fleer baseball. Before you ask - yes, it is that off center. That is not my scanner.

You get no stats on Goodwin - that's neat. I think retro sets should avoid the stat tables and have the backs feel more higher end.


Hackenbush said...

There have to be artists out there that can do a better job capturing the likenesses of the subjects on these cards. I just don't get it. It's like the guys at UD say, "yeah, that's good enough, looks a little like Larry Bird." I expect that from bobble heads but I have higher expectations for cards.

madding said...

This is the worst thing I've ever seen. Worse than airbrushed caricature t-shirts at the local county fair. Worse than a Nickelback cover band. Worse than carob chips.

Unknown said...

Well, they're certainly interesting. I'll give them that.