Tuesday, November 25, 2014

1992 Classic Draft Picks Football

 Let's take a time machine way back.  1992, I graduated high school, started college that fall and to be honest don't remember any of these guys.  I found this pack while rummaging through the discount pack box at Bosco's on trade night.  It's hard to pass up a classic football pack for a quarter.

 Spoiler, I didn't get one of the ten limited production foil stamped cards.  According to the checklist at Trading Card Database there were also autos and gold parallel cards in the packs.

So lets have a look at who I got.  I had to look all these guys up on the interwebs.

 Quentin was picked #2 overall by the Colts in the 92 draft, he retired in 1999.

 Derek Brown was drafted 14th overall by the Giants and also retired in 1999.  He missed the entire 1995 season after taking a vicious hit in the pre-season that lead to a collapsed lung and damage to his spleen and kidney.  Yikes that fact that he came back to play again at all is pretty amazing.

 Greg Skrepenak here was drafted 32nd overall by the Raiders. He retired in 1997 and went into politics.  He is was now a convicted felon, found guilty of taking kickbacks in 2010.

 Alonzo Spellman is the only name I really recognize. Alonzo was drafted 22nd overall by the Bears and played in the NFL till 2001.  After that he got into mix martial arts fighting and due to his bipolar disorder ended up in jail in 2008.

 Couldn't find too much on Tony Sacca, although I didn't look hard.  He was drafted in the second round by the Cardinals and only played one season and spent some time in the World Football League with the Barcelona Dragons.

 Couldn't find anything about Luke Fisher.

 Kevin Smith was drafted 17th overall by the Cowboys and played his entire career with them retiring in 2000 due to injury, and as far as I can tell is not a trouble maker.
 Not much on Derrick, he only played a couple years in the NFL.

 Tim Lester was drafted #255 by the Rams.  He played though the 1999 season.

 At least these two yahoo's I know.  Ty was drafted by the Packers back in 1992 and got to back up Brett Favre for 4 years, before moving on and having some success with the Eagles. Desmond Howard would play for the Packers as well, but only for the 1996 season, but that was enough, he ended up taking the Super Bowl XXXI MVP award that year.

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