Thursday, November 20, 2014

2014 Topps Football Jumbo Hobby Pack

 I've really paired down my set building in recent years. Sure cost is a factor, but there are just so few good sets out there for putting together.  Seems like most base sets are 100 cards or less in most products.    And I'll have one set fewer to collect next year when Panini becomes the exclusive NFL card manufacturer.  But lets enjoy a nice heaping helping of Topps Football.  I love jumbo packs because you get just about one of everything in the set and I found a couple at a really good price.

Let's have a look at the base design.
 There's been a lot of hate toward this years design.  Most seem to think it's too busy or Bowman like.  I'll be honest that whole border is a bit much, but it could always be worse.  I chose Derek Carr's rookie card to show the RC logo and placement on this years cards.
 The rest of the base.

 The one gripe I have this year are that Topps saw fit to put in not one, but three pretty pointless inserts.  The Play 60 and PP&K( Punt, Pass, and Kick) cards are pretty lame.  I'm not ragging on the kids or the recognition that Topps is giving them, I just don't want them taking up valuable space in my packs.

I do like the look of this years 4000 and 1000 Yard Club cards. It's a big improvement over last years design.  I still think Topps missed a great opportunity to really make these stand out by doing something interesting like chroming them out, or using foilboard, acetate, die-cut, or something.

Topps also has two Fantasy Football themed inserts.  Seems excessive, althought Fantasy Football is incredibly popular.

By far my favorite insert of the set are these Greatness Unleashed cards.  Very artsy and an overall great design and other than the '63 mini's is the only set I'm trying to put together.

I love the mini cards.  Don't know why and I don't know why Topps started the numbering at 200 either.  Anyone?

And lastly, and much to my surprise I ended up pulling a Rookie Premiere Auto.  Too bad the bottom right corner is dinged. I'd send it in to Topps, but I don't have all the paperwork they want anymore.  Oh well.  Still the auto is worth more than the pack so that's a bonus and who know's maybe this guy will take off.

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buckstorecards said...

I don't mind the players portion of the Play 60 cards, as I've busted two jumbos and pulled cards of Alan Ball and Matt Boshers, for whom these are their only cards. The kids portion, on the other hand. Ugh.

And since the Play 60 players subset also includes Adrian Peterson, I bet Topps wishes they could take that back.