Tuesday, November 18, 2014

1993 Dark Dominion

 Here is an interesting set.  In 1993 Jim Shooter, founded Defiant Comics. If you don't know your comic history, Shooter began writing for comics at the grand old age of 14, seriously.  He went on to be Marvel's 9th Editor-in-Chief and to found Valiant Comics. You can read all about his amazing life in the biz here on his Wikipedia page.

Anyways the concept is a pretty unique one. I can't think of this every being done before or since, but basically the set is a comic book, the Zero issue of Dark Dominion. Written by Jim Shooter and drawn by Steve Ditko.  The premise is you get all the cards and arrange them in 9 pocket pages and they form a page of the comic book.  These cards are going to make no sense when you look at them as they are just one nineth of the page, but you can go here to the Ditko Cultist to see the full set and story.  Defiant didn't last long in the crazy early nineties where it got buried by the competition, but still a cool set and I'm glad I found a box.  You can read all about the series here.

 The last 30 or so cards in the set feature character profiles.

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