Friday, November 14, 2014

2014-15 Fleer Ultra hockey

I have finally scanned the stack of packs I have that have never appeared on APTBNL. It took some time, but now I have quite the stash to show.

32 packs.

Yup. Barring someone else posting a pack I have scanned, I could go a whole month to clear out my scan folder. And I'm just wasting time blabbing here. You call come for the cards. Per the command of, we are displaying a pack of Upper Decks's Fleer brand of hockey released this year.

Ultra always felt higher end. Early releases had great bleed photography with amazing angles. More recent focused on the player, but still had the classier air about them. Six cards per pack.

All that being said, I think this is a step back from what Ultra is. That foil bottom is dreadful. The image is decent, but you can see it's framed. Bring back the borderless designs!!!

The fading of the image at the bottom is nice. Gives a bit of a fog affect. But that foil....

UGH!!!! I never was a fan of the gold parallels, but this is horrible. Such a down grade from past years.

One for the collection.

Every time I see these sweaters, I think of Christmas.

Standard UD back now with 4 years of stats and then a career total. Why the stats bar runs border to border while the rest is clue.

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