Monday, December 01, 2014

1996 Leaf Preferred

I ended up getting another Collector Crate, because I forgot to unsubscribe, and this was one of my more interesting packs.  I don't remember seeing this when it came out in 1996, but then I was trying really hard to finish my degree.  And I'll bet at the time this was pretty pricey stuff.  But after opening this pack I'd love to rip a full box.  You get 6 cards per pack, 5 base cards and one steel card.  I'm guessing this didn't sell too well because this was Leaf Preferred's premiere and farewell edition.  The pack is pretty heavy.

First up is this order card for the limited edition Frank Thomas charity cards.  Yikes $20 a pop.  I just looked over at COMC and there are two of these that are graded and they are both well under that $20 price tag.  But in the mid-90's a limited run of 3500 would probably have justified the price and it's for charity!!

I got to add an Ignitor card to my collection, even if it features Paul in a Twinkie uni.  The base cards are alright.

I really was hoping for a better player, or at least one I would want for my collection, but this will end up in a trade package eventually I'm sure or maybe I'll decide to collect the whole set.  There are two parallels to the steel cards you could pull too.  A gold version and the Power version  numbered to 5000. The set also includes the insert Stare Masters and a press proof parallel for the base cards.

After I opened this pack I went to look for the checklist, you can find it HERE. And promptly bought the Paul Molitor and Frank Thomas on COMC during my black Friday shopping spree.

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