Saturday, December 13, 2014

2013 Upper Deck SP Authentic football

While you still get football cards produced by Upper Deck, you only get your NFL players in their college colors. But that doesn't stop UD from using it's license when it can.

A pre-Manziel release, being from 2013. Andrew Luck as the poster boy (I had to look it up on Google). Nice plugs for Nike, with 3 prominent views of the mark of the beast on the wrapper. If you have seen any SP Authentic (ummm.....sidebar?), you will not be very surprised by the look. But in the motto of we rip everything, here we go. Five cards total in the pack.

Not too much to say about the layout that hasn't been said before. That being said....what's with that SP logo in the lower left? Have I never noticed those before? SP Authentic always has a look that gives it a clean, high end feel.

The one thing you get is all the college costumes. And yes, I call them "costumes". College football is far less about tradition and more about dressing up like morons each week. Hell yes I am looking at you Oregon. And pretty much all the rest of the schools.

If you can't tell, the only foil is the logo, the names and that bar above the names.

Purple and gold do not go together.

And that's the end of the pack. The flipside?

College stats, recycled B&W photo, short bio and college logo. But the rear layout is nice and simple.

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madding said...

I only like these sets because they mean I get non-Photoshopped Oregon Ducks cards.