Friday, December 05, 2014

2014-15 Hoops

This year NBA Hoops cards has Kobrick on the cover. Comes with 10 cards, 9 base including a rookie and 1 base insert. Let' open and shoot
229 - Jrue Holiday - good design. Action shot, with team logo, and player name. Back of the card has huge team logo and the usual stats.

224 - Gerald Green - about slam the ball
281 - Shabazz Napier - one of rookie cards
130 - Charles Boozer - base insert green card. New team, but action shot of him playing with his previous team.
20 - Tyler Hansbrough - I expected him to be a good starter
83 - Kemba Walker
108 - Kevin Love - in his new jersey still trying fit in with Cavs
105 - Lance Stephenson - another new team, action shot from previous team. Signed huge contract with Hornets, but have not made impact yet.
127 - DeAndre Jordan - David Lee about to get posterized
121 - Shaun Livngston - remember serious knee injury he suffered few years back. He bounced back to return to the court.

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