Monday, June 29, 2015

1983 Donruss Magnum PI

Magnum PI was a classic detective dramedy. It had everything 80s... Ferrari's, short-shorts, baywatch babes, and moustaches.

Here are some cards from 1983.

Here is Magnum looking confused, and Magnum spying on something. I could go throw in the DVD's and figure out what exact scenarios these cards are highlighting but... that's not really in the spirit.
 Higgins looking disappointed, and Magnum checking out some disgusting rusty crime scene.
 Magnum in a classic Hawaiian shirt, and squeezing into a sub-compact car.
 And a few beach shots to finish things up. Pretty sure Magnum's clothes came from the children's rack.


Captain Canuck said...


I have to figure out what I need to finish off my set....

The Junior Junkie said...

What a bummer that that was the only vehicle card you pulled.

Kicky Sam said...

Yeah, agreed... I was hoping for some TC and some Ferrari 308. But I can't complain... its Magnum PI.

Fuji said...

Blast from the past! Loved this show when I was a kid.