Saturday, June 27, 2015

1989 Score Baseball

1989 was an important year for baseball cards. Despite being stuck dead in the middle of the overproduced card era, 1989 was famous for the first Upper Deck baseball product, and RC's of Ken Griffey Jr., Randy Johnson, John Smoltz, and Curt Schilling. Topps famously passed on issuing a card of Griffey in their set until Traded.

Score is probably the lowest on the totem pole of the 1989 product issues. But let's see if we find anything interesting. Johnson, Smoltz, Biggio, and Sheffield are the main rookies in this set.

 Carlos Quintana once had 6 RBI in one inning, but otherwise was unremarkable.
 Eric King's most memorable "accomplishment" was giving up Ken Griffey Jr's first home run.
 Bergman, who passed away in February, was on the World Series winning 84 Tigers.
 Drew played a total of 7 major league games.
 Otis Nixon stole 620 bases in his career.
Despite what this card says, 1988 is actually considered Edgar Martinez rookie season. Martinez is, of course, famous for being possibly the best DH of all time.
 Check out the awesome numbers on the pants of Greg Walker.
 The late Bob Welch was a 2x All Star.
 Doug Jones was a great reliever, with 5 All Star appearances.
 Willie Fraser had an unremarkable career with a losing record and a 4.47 ERA.
 This Sportflics-style card highlights the 79 Pirates.

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