Thursday, June 04, 2015

2015 Panini Prizm Baseball triple pack and bonus

The red headed stepchild of the Panini Prizm family.  I've wanted to bust a couple packs for a while now, but haven't seen it show up at the store till yesterday.  I went looking for it at one of my LCS's and he won't even carry it, because it sells so bad.  This is a kind of cheat because this is actually 4 packs cramed into a bigger pack, but I figure you wouldn't mind. Especially since there are only 15 cards total here.

Here's the retail multipack with bonus Red White and Blue Mojo prizms pack!

Pack 1 scores a Carlos Santana Black and White Checkerboard Prizm parallel #d to 149.
The back example and the Prizm numbered back.

McGwire featured as a Cardinal. I always tend to think of him more as an A.

Pack 3 we score a Will Clark Field Pass insert.

I go like the Mojo Prizms wrapper.
I was also pleased to see one of the 4 Brewers cards in the set represented.  The scan doesn't really do these card justice they are very nice to look at in hand.

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Twitch said...

Great looking set this year. Probably my favorite one yet. Looks even better in person than I was expecting. Love that Santana parallel.