Wednesday, June 03, 2015

1993-94 Topps Series 1 Basketball

With the NBA Finals looming (Game 1 is set for tomorrow night), we have plenty of basketball cards to show off here at the ol' pack ripping blog. Here's a blast from the past from the, er, past.

137 - Rumeal Robinson - Robinson was a lottery pick at the beginning of the '90s but had to settle for a journeyman role.

180 - Dee Brown - Does anyone own a fresh pair of Reebok Pumps?

21 - Terry Mills

162 - Sam Mitchell

128 - Stacey King - King was another former lottery pick who didn't have the greatest career, but no one is going to scoff at his 3 championship rings.

147 - Bill Laimbeer Gold - Topps was still doing the one-per-pack Gold parallel thing back then, and Bill Laimbeer was still playing his particularly annoying brand of basketball even though the Bad Boys were long past their prime.

16 - Derek Harper - This one is starting to show the signs of a mid-'90s pack whose cards were all stuck together.

177 - Alonzo Mourning All-Rookie Team - Zo is pulling off the teal look.

65 - Alvin Robertson

24 - Rick Fox - You can find Rick Fox on TV somewhere to this day, but I'm not sad that his card looks like hell because I hated the guy when he played. Just loathsome.

152 - Shaquille O'Neal All-Rookie Team - Magic Shaq is the best Shaq.

48 - Olden Polynice - Boxing out Patrick Ewing has never looked more fun!


Billy Kingsley said...

Back in the day, 1996 or 1997, my brother gave me 20 full mixed boxes of cards for my birthday. I ended up with a stack of cards from this set more than a foot tall. I am one card short of completing the set to this day, a Michael Jordan subset from series 2. I want to say card #386 but I'd have to look it up to be sure.

Kicky Sam said...

Oh yeah, i had lots of this set growing up