Sunday, September 27, 2015

2014 Upper Deck Conference Greats

Once again, we random all my scanned folders and today we get a pack of Upper Deck Conference Greats. Upper Deck, not going down without a fight, put out what they could with the NCAA license they had prior to Panini signing a ton of exclusive deals with the schools. As we are all aware, going exclusive with a manufacturer is not the best thing. That being said, this is probably a set that shouldn't have been produced anyway.

Ye-ow is that pack design a snoozer. Very collegiate font at least. You can get hits - 1 auto and 2 relics per hobby box. Away we go....

While black and white, that is not the norm of this set. What team was Anthony Miller with? I am going to guess Tennessee based on the orange. Wikipedia says I am correct. This is the design, folks. There is no mention of the school on the front, unless the player happens to be wearing it in the photo. The only foil is in the upper left with the logo and that bar. There are colored parallels, where the foil will change.

No shopping on the cards yet as it was releases while UD had full NCAA rights. That brown box at the bottom is annoying and unnecessary. Ditto on the lame CG logo.

I believe this is a pewter foil. I didn't note it down when I scanned, but the foil does appear to be a different color.

Decent photos, as always with UD, but the design is dreadful.

Let's play "how many marks of the beast can you find".

Recycled image on the back. Since this is a college release, you get the 4 years of stats tops. Little bio at the bottom, but no mention of his pro location or life. Last card, and I did get one of the hits from the box.

Well hey now - not too shabby. Compare this image with the one of Stafford. Who supplied the uniforms while Manning was in school? No clue. Not numbered, and you have to assume this is a college player worn swatch, but the back doesn't clue you in of the exact origin of the fabric. I still have this card, so if anyone is interested, click my name on the right panel to get my Blogger contact info.

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