Sunday, April 03, 2016

2016 Topps Heritage Jumbo Rack Pack

 A big old heeping helping of this year's Heritage.  This year we get the 1967 design.

The David Price is a short print.  Here's the back.

 Got one dual rookie card.
 And one insert, a Then and Now.

I do like the 67 design.  And I like the Heritage card stock, but I think that Heritage is overpriced especially hobby packs and boxes.


Anonymous said...

How much do the Heritage Jumbo Rack pack's retail for? There's a number of last year's rack packs in a couple of local WalMart's marked down. I'm trying to determine if they are a good deal or not as I don't know what they normally sell for.

Tim B. said...

I'm pretty sure these Jumbo packs go for $5.99(or so).

cynicalbuddha said...

Tim's right this year's Rack Pack's are $5.99, I can't remember is last year's were the same price or $4.99. But it would be one or the other.