Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fairfield 75 Basketball Cards

Regular season ends tonight. Eyes on Warriors trying break Bulls win record and someone's final game. I decide to be ambitious and go with Fairfield 75 random basketball cards pack. The new and improved with different packaging and "hits" in 1:4 boxes. Let's see what comes out of it. This will be split up by year and set
1989-90 Hoops: Scott Brooks, Terry Cummings, Steve Colter, Willie Anderson, Bill Jones - Hoops inaugural set and first pack of basketball cards I saw at store. Known for David Robinson rookie card, which at the time, hottest card to pick up.
1990-91 Star Pics: Tony Harris - journeyman with stints in NBA he once scored 105 points in Phillipines league.

 1990-91 Hoops: Mugsy Bogies. Derek Harper, Vern Fleming,Charles Smith, Michael Cooper, Kenny Battle, Tim Perry, Clyde Drexler, Dan Ellis, Richie Adubato, Wayman Tisdale, Terry Teagle - I got the Glide.
1990-91 Fleer: Vlade Divac, AC Green, Magic Johnson, Derrick McKey - there's Magic in the box along with showtime of Lakers.
1990-91 Skybox: Armon Gilliam, Chris Morris, Gerald Wilkins, Harold Pressley, Sacramento Kings - remember when Skybox basketball debut was hot item?
1991-92 Hoops: Dan Majerle, Otis Thorpe - of all players chose as art they picked Thorpe over Hakeen Olajuwan?
1991-92 Upper Deck: Xavier McDaniel, Jeff Malone, Jerome Kersey, Charles Jones - Upper Deck debut set
1991-92 Skybox: Dana Barros, Dee Brown
1991-92 Fleer: Derek Harper, Chuck Daly, Vlade Divac, James Worhty, Jerry Sloan, Patrick Ewing
1992-93 Topps: Kenny Anderson, Jeff Hornacek, Mark Bryant - 11 years after the last set (1981) Topps re-join in producing basketball cards. Was junk wax 90s a great time or what?
1992-93 Hoops - Rafael Addison
1992-93 Fleer: Kevin Willis, Tyrone Hill, Dan Majerle, Danny Ainge, Lee Mayberry
1992-93 Fleer Ultra: Reggie Williams
1992-93 Upper Deck McDonalds: Danny Manning - this is from McDonalds set. The design is different than their main set. I never got a card of one til now.
1992-93 Upper Deck: Dennis Scott, Sam Perkins, Billy Owens, Charles Barkley, NY Knicks
1993-94 Topps Archives: Reggie Lewis, Hersey Hawkins - even basketball got archieved
1993-94 Upper Deck: Tim Perry
1993-94 Skybox: Grant Long
1994-95 Upper Deck SP: Rik Smits
1994-95 Upper Deck: Tony Dumas
1995-96 Topps Stadium Club: Xavier McDaniel, Sharone Wright
1995-96 Fleer Ultra: Dikembe Mutumbo (Encore) - 90s inserts were rad and so is this guy *finger wags*
1996-97 Hoops: Allan Houston
1996-97 Fleer Ultra: Juwan Howard
1997-98 Fleer Ultra: Alonzo Mourning
2001-02 Fleer Maximum - Andre Miller
2002-03 Topps Finest: Tony Battie
2004-05 Upper Deck R-Class: Eddie Jones
2004-05 Fleer Ultra: Udonis Haslem
2007-08 Topps Rookie Set: Joakim Noah - from their rookie set which consist of 14 cards
2006-07 Upper Deck Hardcourt: Wally Szczerbiak - whoa. I got a hit out of this box and its a jersey card. Awesome!
2008-09 Topps Chrome: Brad Miller
2009-10 Topps Tipoff: Ben Gordon
2012-13 Panini Select: Kevin Martin
2014-15 Panini Threads (High Flyers): Aaron Gordon - the card on top of the box and its an insert and a rookie card all-in-one.

Enjoy the cards and get ready for NBA playoffs coming up


Billy Kingsley said...

I rarely ever buy these because most of the cards are duplicates for me...but my brother got me one recently where I ended up pulling a jersey SN to 100. Only time I've ever seen any SN cards come out of a repack.

Only 4 of these cards would have been new to me...that's why I rarely buy them.

By the way, that Sharone Wright Stadium Club card is his 1994-95 base card, not 1995-96.

madding said...

I remember buying a lot of Big Mac value meals to get those McDonalds cards.

Aaron Gordon was the deserving winner of this year's slam dunk contest, though he technically finished second for what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

What was the pack?