Friday, August 14, 2020

1993-94 Topps Premier Hockey

Who's enjoying playoff hockey? The five overtime game one of Blue Jackets and Lightning few days ago or can Blues defend the title as they take on Canucks or can Trotz lead Isles over his previous team Capitals? Topps decide to slap the name Premier on their main hockey set. It was few gimmicks they tried for a year before sticking back to just Topps. This feature cards 1-264 with 12 cards in a pack.
186 - Pat Jablonski - he better get down to the knees quick and stat. He played the most games in goal for then expansion Lightning team. At least they played better than Senators that year.
113 - Kirk McLean
94 - Chris Chelios - first team All-Star card of ageless defenseman
132 - Ulf Samuelson - destroyed Cam Neely knee earning disdain from Don Cherry for rest of his career.
104 - Glenn Anderson
244 - Dave Lowry - a manly posed shot in then expansion Panthers gear
51 - Pat Elynuik - gold card that comes one per pack. I'm getting accidental Pat Elynuik collection.
107 - Nikolai Borschevsky
131 - Neal Broten
198 - Andrei Kovalenko - waiting for the puck to come toward net with Kevin Hatcher hovering over him and Don Beaupre in goal
112 - Darius Kasparaitis
253 - Roger Johansson - would return back to Sweden where he spent remainder of his career

Back to watching playoff hockey.


OhioTim said...

I picked up some packs of these hockey cards at a local flea market. For an older issued card, I got some really nice cards.

JGBlargh said...

I need to get some of this set, although I would prefer the OPC version, which is looks exactly the same except for the French on the back.