Monday, August 03, 2020

1992-93 Pro Set Hockey

The final Pro Set hockey set. A second series was schedule but cancelled when Pro Set filed for bankruptcy and shuttered it doors. It ends with 270 card release. This is a jumbo puck and it costs $2 at the time.
To lucky 100 people you might pull instant win card for copy of NHLPA 93 and NHL Hockey for Sega Genesis. To lucky 250 people they get EASN/NHLPA banner. EA Sports games was one of reasons I owned a Sega Genesis. I pretty much played all of NHL series and still fire up Madden 94 which to me their best Madden game on the Genesis. On to 31 cards
47 - Ray Sheppard - I pulled two copies of this card.
35 - Igor Kravchuk
158 - Jeff Brown
94 - Kevin Todd
52 - Bernie Nicholls - the player Rangers traded for to get Mark Messier
26 - Joe Nieuwendyk - good looking horizontal shot
136 - Kerry Huffman - instead airbrushing they slapped traded to his new team. It's better that way. If there was a series 2 like it was planned he might in it with his new team colors.
189 - Wendel Clark
195 - Cliff Ronning - one of best players in NHL 94 game
87 - Kirk Muller
85 - Patrick Roy - one of premier top goalies to the end
183 - Grant Fuhr - another great action shot with Fuhr making a save
14 - Tom Draper
133 - Mike Ricci - another "traded to another team" card
33 - Ed Belfour
1 - Mario Lemieux - the man who saved the Penguins twice
203 - Calle Johansson
61 - Bobby Holik
74 - Tony Granato
221 - Ted Donato - after his playing career he went full circle coaching at his alma matta Harvard
118 - Tony Amonte
237 - Shawn McEachern
77 - Dave Gagner
78 - Mark Tinordi
115 - Adam Graves - his goal scoring help lead Rangers to the Cup in 94.
79 - Craig Ludwig
254 - NHL Pro Set Hockey Clinic - card of themselves doing hockey clinics through 22 cities. Randy Ladouceur is shown with half of Bobby Holik body.
257 - Brian Propp - a milestone subset on player's milestone accomplishment during 91-92 season. Propp went into real estate after his career. You can purchase his VoxxLife items on his website.
262 - Joe Mullen - scored his 400th goal in March 17, 1992 against Oilers
15 (of 15) - Luciano Borsato - Gold Team Leaders insert set. He didn't get on base set card and likely be part of cancelled series 2. He end up being on insert which is surprising. He didn't lead the team in goals and assists and was ninth in total points for Jets.

On their third try Pro Set manage get its hockey design right. It was end of the line for Pro Set not long this set was released. Laugh for their lack of quality control and overproduction I have fond memories of them. They were first hockey set I seen mass sold in 1990. If it wasn't for Pro Set I wouldn't know more about hockey outside of Gretzky and Lemieux.


shoeboxlegends said...

1990s NHL video games were THE BEST!

John Bateman said...

You see these cards about 1/100 of the time compared to 1990-91 Pro Set (which is still a decent set).

OhioTim said...

Those are some really sharp looking cards. I especially like the goalie cards and the Mario one.

Fuji said...

Not sure I have ever opened a pack of these. I know I have a few Sharks sitting in my collection, but I'm pretty sure these were sent to me from other collectors. The design is solid, but I still like the 1990-91 design the best.

JGBlargh said...

I never opened a pack of these, but got a few from dollar store repacks over the years. 2nd best of the three Pro Set hockey sets.