Monday, July 27, 2020

1991-92 Pro Set Platinum Series 2

Pro Set comes out with a glossy brand to counter Topps Stadium Club and called it Platinum. The set is split in two series. This is series 2 featuring cards 151-300. Who are the 12 cards?
166 - Michel Goulet - in Pro Set fashion they slapped "Prospect" on a 14 year veteran. They never corrected it. He played two more seasons before call it a career. Went in the Hall of Fame in 1998. Great looking card of him wearing Blackhawks throwback. No stats on the backs. Just mention of a player's highlights.
164 - Brent Sutter - one of six Sutter brothers in the league. Went on become a coach
187 - Brian Propp - 5-time All-Star waiting for his shift
181 - Bob Kudelski
182 - Brian Benning
183 - Mike Donnelly - face off time. Also photo looks a bit dark.
220 - Greg Paslawski - this is one of those cards where darkness in the background worked. The light shines on the player.
219 - Jacques Cloutier - overhead shot of Cloutier trying to make a save
289 - Terry O'Reilly - former Bruins player and coach featured as celebrity captain. Fitting as he wears throwback Bruins sweater.
255 - Josef Beranek - an actual prospect. Played 9 seasons in the league before spending remainder of his career in Czech League. Part of 98 Olympic gold medal winning Czech team
211 - Garry Galley
279 - Mike Richter - great looking card wearing All-Star Wales jerseys. He manned the pipes in the entire 90s decade for Rangers helping them to 94 Stanley Cup title.

The set got good photo selection. You can easily find a box to your disposal.


shoeboxlegends said...

I think the name Pro Set and the fact that they printed so much of this stuff counts against it, but looking back on the set now there are actually some really great, crisp photographs here.

Fuji said...

I opened up a lot of this product trying to build the San Jose Sharks team set... as well as pull some of those PC inserts.

Bulldog said...

Good looking set. I always enjoyed the Football version. These are sharp even though there is zero player/team info on the front. A few good action shots including the Suttter card. Fun post.