Saturday, September 05, 2020

1991 Jockey Star Jockey Guild Trading Cards


Hope everyone is enjoying the Labor Day weekend safely.  Today, the 2020 edition of the Kentucky Derby was run in Louisville.  The Derby usually takes place in the first Saturday in May (the first leg of the Triple Crown), but because virus, the Derby was moved to September, the first time since 1945 (because Hitler).  It's also the first time since 1931 that the Derby was not the first leg of the Triple Crown (because 1931?); the Belmont Stakes was run back in June.

There was no audience for the race, so no fancy hats and mint juleps, unless you're at home...but if that's the case you can wear fancy hats and drink mint juleps anytime you want.

To mark this unusual occasion, here's a pack of jockeys.  I found it at the LCS back on National Baseball Card day going through their big old green tub of packs.  I didn't think there was demand for a card set for jockeys, but this is from the 1990's.

Here's what I got:

#185 - Larry Snyder
#174 - Nick Santagata

The cards don't look too bad for 90's sets.  Solid green border with a nameplate.  The backs have a solid write-up of the jockey's career up to that point, as you'll see at the end of the post.

#163 - Jeff Radosevich
#152 - Frank Olivares

I'm not sure why the jockeys are listed as Journeymen.  I'm assuming they are essentially riders for hire, as if they would wind up walking the Earth "Kung-Fu" style looking for an owner who'll pay them to ride.

#141 - Randy Meier
#130 - Art Madrid Jr.

The Jockeys' Guild is still around.  There's 220 cards in the's the checklist if anyone's interested.

#47 - Curt Bourque
#36 - Eddie Baird

I kinda sorta remembered Baird but I didn't remember how so I looked him up.  Here's why I think.  It must have made the sports talk radio at the time.

#25 - John Beech
#14 - Don Brumfield

#3 - Bill Shoemaker
#101 - Vince Guerra

Hey a name I at least heard of in Bill Shoemaker (I was really stretching on the Eddie Baird one).

Here's some card backs.  As mentioned earlier, it's pretty good; you get a multi-paragraph bio, as well as recent / career stats:

I knew the jockeys were short, but I didn't think they were barely over 100 pounds!

Anyway, that's the pack.  This will get filed away with the other miscellaneous one-and-done packs, purchased just for you guys.  Ah, the things done for APTBNL!

Be safe this weekend, and thanks for reading!


Brett Alan said...

I guess we'll know when card collecting has again become a bubble that's about to burst when we get a new set of jockey cards.

Fuji said...

Been flipping through a 1992 issue of Tuff Stuff and it's been fun seeing all of the different types of card sets available. I'm pretty sure I saw this set available for purchase in one of the ads.

SumoMenkoMan said...

These were hyped big back in the early 1990s! Interesting set...back when they were making trading cards of everything!