Thursday, September 03, 2020

2020 Topps Stadium Club Hobby Pack


Stopped by my LCS Boscos Comics and Card for new comic book day.  They hadn't gotten this weeks comics and were still waiting from all of their DC stuff from last week, but I did stop into the card section and pick up a couple packs of Stadium Club.

Here are the odds.  Let's see what I pulled.  Topps has done a great job in year's past making Stadium Club one of it's affordable premiere brands.  The photo selection is always great.

First up we have a nice Moose.

I really like the throwback look of these.  I'm bummed my favorite player, Robin Yount, doesn't have a card in this set. 

You get an insert or parallel in every pack and I got one of the pretty common red foil parallels.
And much to my surprise and delight I pulled one of the two autos from the box.  I don't know much about Josh here, but he's got a great signature.


Matt Pederson said...

I love the look of that Edgar card, and great pull on the auto!

Adam Kaningher said...

Nice! I didn't realize this product was out yet. Looks great as always.

Fuji said...

Congratulations on landing an autograph. Solid photography as usual. I especially like the Seager.

jacobmrley said...

as a big ee cummings fan i approve wholeheartedly of this design

nice pull on the auto as well

flywheels said...

I can't wait to rip into the blasters I just picked up. With base cards as beautiful as these, who needs inserts or hits?!