Wednesday, November 16, 2022

2021 Panini Contenders Football Value Pack

Here's another 2021 NFL set that saw release during 2022. I must have purchased this jumbo sized pack back in the spring when I couldn't find any baseball cards, because that's usually the only reason I would ever dabble in football.

100 - Chase Young - Cards from the Washington Football Team years are going to be looked back at with some amusement in the future.

58 - Henry Ruggs III - Contenders is known for its rookie autographs. If you want rookie base cards, you're pretty much out of luck and will have to settle for second year cards like Ruggs here.

16 - Khalil Mack - Mack is wreaking havoc for the Chargers these days.

73 - Daniel Jones - I did fantasy football for the first time in a really long time this season and was stuck with this guy as the backup QB for a bit.

30 - Von Miller - Miller was with the Rams just about the minimal amount of time needed to get a ring before signing a long term deal with Buffalo this past offseason.

87 - Tyler Lockett

45 - James Robinson - The Jaguars are still going with that whole teal thing, I see.

3 - J.J. Watt - Like Miller, Watt is another big name defensive star that switched teams recently.

61 - DeVante Parker - There are a lot of wide receivers out there with the name DeVante in various spellings. I don't know if I could keep track of them all.

11 - Stefon Diggs - Diggs has been a big part of the resurgence of the Bills.

34 - Aaron Rodgers - Well, you know this guy...

91 - Tom Brady - ...and this guy. Sheesh.

49 - Travis Kelce - If you were to ask an average person to name a tight end in the NFL, I'm guessing Kelce's name would come up the most.

7 - LaMar Jackson - Justin Fields is starting to give Jackson a run for his money as the top rushing QB in the league.

65 - Dalvin Cook

23 - Myles Garrett - This is a very large man.

80 - Miles Sanders - Who is your favorite Myles/Miles?

37 - Jaire Alexander - I feel like I don't know much about the NFL, and yet this is one of the few players in the entire pack that I haven't heard of.

MVP-PMA - Patrick Mahomes MVP Contenders - The back of the pack is loaded with inserts.

LGD-JRI - Jerry Rice Legendary Contenders - Well, of course I've heard of this guy.

GLD-SME - Shawne Merriman Gladiators - Can't say that I'm excited to see a new card of this guy.

CM-SBA - Saquon Barkley Chain Movers Green - Finally, we hit on our hyped retail exclusive emerald parallel.

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GTT said...

I did fantasy football for my first time this year, so I actually know some of these names. I had Tom Brady as my backup QB for a while (it's a long story involving people being forced to drop players because of collusion) and recently sold Miles Sanders for $8 because I don't have a chance at the championship.