Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1998 Pacific Paramount

I just have two things to say here, and then we'll get down to the cards.

One: I'm super happy that I was able to find another pack made by Pacific Trading Cards. It's been pretty difficult to track this stuff down for some reason. All I know is that Pacific's entire philosophy seemed to be based on the notion of making the thinnest cards and thinnest packs on the market.

Two: This wrapper looks like it was designed to be a book or brochure cover of something you'd get at a seminar for a pyramid scheme.

20 - Nomar Garciaparra Copper (This is a one-per-pack hobby parallel. As much as Nomar was beloved in Boston, you can tell that this was truly a different era from the one that won a couple of titles.)

242 - Barry Bonds Holographic Silver 27/99 (Just another case study in how what Topps is doing in 2011 is in no way innovative nor all that interesting to me. Glittery and shiny. Anyone can do that... even Pacific. Also... this card has a "Beckett book value" of $50! I should try to send this in with my next rent check and see what happens.)

49 - Todd Jones (Just your average American baseball pitcher with certain phobias of certain segments of the human population.)

45 - Frank Catalonotto

76 - Mark Bellhorn (I do like the big photos on the back that are adaptive to the number of stat rows each player has. It's a nice touch.)

115 - Pat Hentgen (Not quite Roy Halladay or anything, but Hentgen had his day... and has a cool Cy Young Award to prove it.)


flywheels said...

Huge fan of Pacific, though this set's design isn't the greatest. Great pack though. Wish I could find random loose Pacific packs...

Del of Rockville said...

I found a unopened box which was purchased at Sports Authority. It includes 7 packs plus one bonus pack. Six cards per pack. Is there any market for this box?