Friday, February 04, 2011

2010-11 Donruss Basketball

I think I may have finally found a basketball set to collect. If I embark on this journey, it will be my first NBA set that I've put together since the 1990-91 Hoops complete series (1+2). I've decided this is Panini's de facto base set, since it seems like they didn't bother to put a "regular" set out. The design is a loose tribute to 1984 Donruss baseball. I picked up this hobby pack for $3.25 last weekend, which in hindsight might have been a bit too much to spend.

38 - Taj Gibson (Yes... that's a green Bulls jersey.)

95 - Mike Conley (Greg Oden was supposed to be the sure thing while Conley was the risky pick. It's not like Conley is setting the league on fire, but... yeesh.)

53 - Tracy McGrady (Close your eyes. Quick! Name what team Tracy McGrady plays for. No peeking.)

288 - Golden State Warriors Green Logo (I don't really know... some parallel, I'm guessing?)

144 - C.J. Miles (This guy single-handedly destroyed the Blazers in an early season game by drilling about 33 three-pointers. I do appreciate that this set seems to mostly use photos from the current season, as evidenced by the new/old Jazz jerseys.)

190 - Monta Ellis (Same thing here. This is the 2010-11 Warriors jersey. The downside is that almost all of the photos are single player close-up shots like this.)

136 - Russell Westbrook

275 - [Expletive Deleted]

242 - Larry Sanders Rated Rookie (They didn't quite nail the Rated Rookie logo, but the spirit is there. Hey, this doesn't look at all like Garry Shandling.)

211 - Sasha Vujacic


Community Gum said...

We liked this set too- check the back of that green foil one. Should be numbered.

After our contest is done, we'll send you a few off your wantlist! -Andy

bailorg said...

If MLB/MLBPA ever adds a second license, I hope it goes to Panini and not Utter Dreck.

Community Gum said...

Second Community Gum comment - the Green is actually the arch diecut parallel (probably not numbered as Andy said) - I think they just didn't cut the team cards.

I'm waiting for the basketball sticker books to come out later this month. That'll be my first set quest since 95-96.

Unknown said...

I'm like you. This is my first set since 90-91 hoops. It's getting my daughter into basketball card collecting! We're collecting it together!