Sunday, February 20, 2011

2008 Topps WWE Heritage III Chrome

I was a huge wrestling fan during the late Hulk, early Undertaker, mid Ultimate Warrior era but have been out pretty much since then. The Miz being the champion has got me more interested in wrestling at any point since then.

#35 The Miz
Earthquake was a mean old bastard as I remember.

#86 Earthquake

Drawing a blank here.

#77 Jimmy Garvin

#18 Zack Ryder

These Allen & Ginter versions look really nice in the Chrome format...why isn't there chrome Allen & Ginter baseball again?

#4 Allen & Ginter Superstars


flywheels said...

"Fabulous" Jimmy Garvin. I don't ever remember him being in the WWF/WWE. His brother was Ronnie "Hands of Stone" Garvin. I remember both from the old NWA early WCW days.

madding said...

Wait, how is this Chrome and Heritage? Confusing. Allen & Ginter? Really?