Saturday, February 26, 2011

2011 Topps Baseball Wal-Mart Black Background Blaster Pack

I warned you this was coming. Come with me as I enter the void that is the Wal-Mart Black Background parallel pack.

Packs look the same. Still only 8 cards. How many will actually be the exclusive parallels that's used as a selling point?

#31 - Erick Aybar - Here's Erick reaching out for help, but finding nothing in the great unknown that is space.

#302 - Adrian Beltre - Cool shot of him swinging from his knees. I believe this is a home run, but I can't be sure, since now no one can see where it lands.

#303 - Emilio Bonifacio - back to back card numbers..interesting. I really like the sand kicking up into his face. Even though it would take a boatload of time, it would have been even better if they could have isolated that against the black background as well.

#124 - CC Sabathia/Jon Lester/David Price - League Leaders - Not really anything in this triple threat of a card to take out. Plus the foil's not so much all there. I'm not feeling it.

#326 - Ozzie Martinez - Platinum Diamond Anniversary - More parallels. I guess if there has to be an insert in this pack (and there really doesn't!!), at least it's another parallel. I'd rather have another black background.

#TT-36 - Robinson Cano - ToppsTown - Blah. Good for him for making a name for himself with the Yankees with all the other names they have over there, but blah. Stay out of THIS pack.

#86 - Carlos Silva - Oh fer cryin' out loud... I currently collect 2 different Cubs pitchers (3 if you count Kerry Wood, who appears as a Yankee in the set). Why couldn't it have been one of them? Why did it have to be Venezuelan Fats here?

#229 - Jonathan Sanchez - Have I mentioned before that my fiance saw his no hitter in person? I'm sure I have. His cards are starting to follow me ever since. I'm trying to marry the girl just to get it to stop.

Between the Wal-Mart and Topps exclusives, I prefer the Wal-Mart. They add something instantly recognizable and makes some of the pictures look even more bad-ass than usual. Maybe not so much this pack's cards, but some of them. I don't understand why the packs can't be 8 Wal-Mart cards and nothing else. It's annoying to see multiple inserts in such a small pack, when what you're after is the exclusive mentioned on the box. Well, if anyone has the Dempster, Marmol or Wood black that they want to trade for any of these guys, let me know.


Dawgbones said...

Hell, I bought a Target blaster last night, to get the Throwback back cards. I got exactly 0 out of the 10 packs in the blaster!! I've got an email into Topps about this, we'll see where that goes!

madding said...

For team collectors, I think the Wal-Mart and Target parallels are some of the most difficult cards to find. No one is trading me these things. I swear I have more gold parallels than these.

Unknown said...

big lot of those if you're interested

vinnie said...

Why is the topps black valued at $80 and the black walmart version only $3 for derek Jeter? Also some cards in the black are missing the silver foil lining does that make the.card more rare and expensive?