Tuesday, July 28, 2015

1994 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Series 1

Pack of 1994 TSC featuring 12 cards. Set divided by 3 series with 240 cards in each one.
Info card. Notice its labeled 4 of 10? Now have 10 of those useless things. This one mention about Superteam redemption cards contest. Since World Series was cancelled no one won. Looks like its where Upper Deck came up with "Crash the Game" redemption cards for following year.
260 - Ron Gant - slick photography with name on front in different design. First name in lower case roman times font in appears to from "torn" typewriter paper. Last name in CAPITAL LETTERS from old school style label printer.
129 - Arthur Rhodes - had unpleasant autograph signing back in 2005
251 - Danny Darwin - back of card featuring pre-sabrematrics stats. Pitchers has how did they get the batter out by percentage. Topps included their own skill ratings as well tossing in descriptive words on their play.
151 - Tony Gwynn - good shot of the late Tony Gwynn. Topps nailed it with genius when it comes to batting. His percentage stats feature what kind of hits he made of the season.
131 - Tim Naehring - Kenny Lofton is safe
239 - Cris Carpenter
197 - Mark Gubicza
231 - Bernard Gilkey - ump called him out
220 - Doc Gooden - pitching on front of card; batting stance on back of his card
86 - John O'Donoghue - TSC mentioned when he made his MLB debut
57 - Ron Karkovice
184 - John Doherty

Still good use of photography on cards but the names design can be eyesore.


Marcus said...

I LOVE '94 TSC. I don't frequent card shops very often, since there's not really any around here, but whenever I stumble upon one, I snag a pack of '94 TSC if they have it. That Gwynn is one of my all time favorite Gwynn's, and I like the Gilkey, which was photographed at the old Jack Murphy Stadium.

The Baseball Card Snob said...

That was a Dymo label maker. I can't stand this set due to the way the name of the players were presented.

night owl said...

This is SO mid-1990s that I half expect Keith Olbermann to come out in leather jacket and voice-over motocross highlights.