Sunday, July 12, 2015

2015 Panini Elite Baseball

 I was at Don's Sportcards yesterday here in Anchorage, Alaska and ended up picking up a few packs.  I grabbed two packs of Elite and for the life of me I couldn't decided which one to feature since both were pretty good, so I'm breaking the rules and making this a two pack break.

If you love the look of Elite base cards you'll love this set, because it looks like all the other Elite base cards from years past.
 Here's what the back looks like.

The first pack brought me this Back 2 Back Jacks insert, with Cano and Cruz.  This is by far my favorite themed insert set from Panini.  And it dates back to the early days of Donruss Elite.  Sadly this card would have looked so much better had Panini been able to use logos and team colors.  I also like I got two different types of relics in the card.

 Pack 2's base cards.
 A Kris Bryant insert.

 And a super low numbered David Price Purple Inspirations Die Cut parallal card!!

Overall not a back couple of packs.


Twitch said...

Love all of this, especially that beautiful Bryant insert. ♥w♥

Ryan G said...

Yay, Buck Farmer! Nice relic, too. Most of the Elite parallels are really low-numbered this year.