Sunday, July 19, 2015

2015 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

In 2009 Upper Deck put out it's answer to Topps' popular Allen and Ginter, Goodwin Champions.  The 2009 set was pretty good, but since then Upper Deck has lost all it's major licenses except hockey, so the set has really become kind of a joke.  This year continues that trend.  There are some decent autograph subjects, but for the most part it's become what's the most ridiculous way we can portray our subjects

We get a whole 5 cards per pack so hold on to your hats.

First up old timey Hall of Famer John McGraw portrayed as a gangster.

Next up is Tony Hawk.  And believe it or not doing what Tony Hawk does.  Not a bad card at all, but then I don't think there's a skateboarding license so....

Another Hall of Famer in a different sport with the type of ball he use to play his sport with.  Wow.

 I also got a short print with another Hall of Famer doing nothing he is in his Hall of Famer for. Bill Russell looks more like a philosopher than a basketball player.

I also pulled a Goudey insert. These cards fall about 1 in 5.  Ivan Stewart was a race car driver.  He too belongs to a couple Hall of Fames and is not doing anything close to what he did to get into them.

There you go.  5 cards.  This probably would be a fun box to break if it was closer in price to Score than Allen and Ginter.


Hackenbush said...

The 3-D effect is at least interesting. I do think of Bill Russell as a sort of philosopher so I'm good with that one and the fact that it's B&W makes it stand out.
---Hackenbush the Optimist

Billy Kingsley said...

If your Ivan Stewart is for trade, I'm interested.