Friday, July 10, 2015

2011 Topps Attax

Here's another entry into the long line of attempted game/sports card hybrid market. It isn't missed. The latest thing Topps is doing is their Bunt app, which is far more frustrating than holding real oddball cards in your hand, so things can always be worse. I picked up a bunch of these packs for a quarter with the knowledge that team collectors I trade with could probably use a few of these weirdos.

134 - Kevin Youkilis - The Greek God of Walks had his time in the sun, but now that time is done.

216 - Junction Jack - Pour one out for Junction Jack, who was put out to pasture in favor of some weird green alien looking thing as the Astros are trying to get back to their cosmic roots with their move to the AL. I do like the Astros about a thousand times better now that they're out of the NL Central and Cardinals territory, but that's just me.

83 - Felix Hernandez - King Felix needs to be in the playoffs. One of these days he's going to rage quit baseball because of the Mariners perpetual suckitude.

126 - Josh Willingham

64 - Dan Uggla - Is it possible Uggla was merely impersonating a professional baseball player all along and people were just fooled for years?

159 - Miguel Tejada - I would remember the Miguel Tejada Giants era fondly if I could remember it at all.

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Bru said...

God, I'm so glad that awful rabbit is gone. That said, it's an astros card I don't have, so I'll take it off your hands.