Thursday, September 15, 2016

2003 Topps Stadium Club Baseball

Another pack I picked up at Stevens Creek. Pujols on the front with 6 cards. Let's rip....
41 - Jeff Bagwell - Astros player and future Hall of Famer! Trying catch in-field fly ball. Still waiting for his long overdue call.
123 - Sean Pierce - a thick gold card. Flamed out after 2003 season never reaching above A ball.
117 - Franklin Gutierrez - a player that is still playing. He's playing for Mariners this season. From look of the shot its been taken at spring training.
BT9 - Vladimir Guerrero - insert card of Vlad the Implaer. The insert runs in 1:12 packs.
77 - Jim Thome - Thunder Thome catching a ball to throw out a Royal. Another player waiting for his Cooperstown call.
31 - Mike Cameron - one of 13 players to hit four homeruns in a game and former All-Star

Fun pack as I got an Astros player and Thome


Twitch said...

Nice pack. Sweet Vlad.

JediJeff said...

Did the Dodgers do double flap helmets in Spring Training then? If not, I'm thinking that is some minor league photo on the Gutierrez.

And this is a sweet set. I need me a box or two to rip.

Billy Kingsley said...

I'm truly amazed that after all these years the cards were not stuck together and ruined. My experience with Stadium Club at that time had cards damaged fresh out of packs. It was the NBA set, maybe the MLB cards had a different coating.