Sunday, September 04, 2016

2016 Topps Stadium Club Retail

Cover Boy Correa..
You've seen the rest, now see the blurst.  It's just a plain ol' 5-card retail pack, but I was not entirely displeased with the contents.
The pack was sitting by itself in some other brand's gravity feed at Target last night, so I took a chance and hit a parallel keeper and one killer photo, which is better than I managed in the couple rack packs and one regular retail pack I bought of last year's set, to be honest.  Who dat Met about to be toast at the plate?
Kemp might've beat the photo selection I pulled from last year's packs too.  Love that shadow running through the desert alongside him.
The big background logo almost makes this one feel like a Bunt card.
There's the keeper.  For some reason, despite listing him amongst my player collections from pretty much day one, I never really chased Starlin's cards all that hard.  So now he's almost a full season into his Yankee tenure and I'm still only about 1/3 of the way to 100 cards of him.
I got luckier with photo selection this year, but Harvey is probably the only candidate to for me to draw at some point if ever I'm bored and without a computer or tablet handy, like I did with last year's Prince Fielder, MadBum, and Albert Belle base cards.  Everything but Starlin is available for trade though, so he might not even be hanging around long enough to worry about.
I leave with your obligatory random backs photo.  The back of the parallel is no different than the base cards.  Thanks for stopping by!

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