Saturday, September 10, 2016

2016 Bulls-I-Toy Star Trek Chibis


Hope everyone had a good week.  50 years ago Thursday, this aired:

Yes, in case you haven't heard, it's been 50 years since Star Trek premiered on NBC.  Who would have thought that this show would have spawned 5 series (with a 6th on the way), 13 movies, books, comics, games, and all sorts of collectibles?

So, you may ask, why didn't I post this Thursday?  Well, I have a sense of honor when it comes to posts:  A new post from one of the APTBNL staffers should have it's day in the sun.  And well, there was a post Thursday...from our resident Jedi.

I'll let that sink in.

But hey, we roll with the flow here at APTBNL, so here's a pack (a little late) of 2016 Bulls-I-Toy Star Trek Chibis!

Found this at the Target.  You get 3 little guys for $4.  Here's the back of the pack so you can see who you can get:
You also get a checklist in the pack, but it's just close-ups of the figures you see here.  You can also get blue and gold glitter figures!  The small print up there at the bottom says the blue ones come 1 in 2 packs and the gold ones come 1 in 4 packs.

Here's who I got:

Here's Dr. McCoy looking disappointed.  I put him with the front of the Checklist.
Here's Scotty, also concerned about something.  It'll either be the engines or that someone took his scotch.

Hey, cool, I got one of the blue anniversary guys.  It's a Bones hot pack, as I picked up the Jedi Apparition version of McCoy.  Behind him is the back of the checklist.
Here's the three of them all together, to lock arms and do some line dancing!   

Grand Poobah Matt opened a pack on his site a while back.  Take a look if you want to see more.

Overall, they're alright, but I'd rather be opening a pack from a card set celebrating the 50th anniversary.  I know Rittenhouse put a set out earlier in the year, but the LCS's don't carry much in the non-sports sets these days.  That's a shame.

Anyway, that's the pack.  Happy birthday Star Trek, and thanks for reading!

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