Thursday, September 08, 2016

2015-16 Upper Deck Contours

Soon the wonderful season of hockey will begin again. With the World Cup of Hockey coming back this year, it should make for a busy season. With Upper Deck having the exclusive license to the NHL, they are releasing a few more products each year. A brand new set is Upper Deck Contours.

Yeah - that pack scan sucks!!! Just black and silver. This is a hit product, with one hit per packs. Your standard autographs, relics, etc... Hard to see, but five cards per pack. Let's go.

With a name like Contours, you would expect some curves. The base cards are all die cut if you notice at the top. Silver foil at the top, the set name, UD logo, some foil around the name and at the bottom. Too much if you ask me. Design is underwhelming and boring.

I'm not sure how shopped the images are, but you notice nothing but the player on the card and the background.

No arms, no skates, no sticks. Nothing. I'm certain UD shopped out any other players on the cards. The name plate and that color bar behind the player matches the team colors.

Hope this is a one and done set. It's not very good.

Not sure how often the Rookie Resume show up. It's foil, so the scan looks bad. It is serialed on the left side just under the UD logo. This deck has been a dud player wise. Card backs look like...

Biography and a single season of stats with the career totals. Reused image. And if you did the math, that is 5 cards and no hit. The serial number is not a hit. Luckily, one of the cards was a bonus. Here's card #6 and my hit.

Well that is interesting. I would have preferred CM Punk, being that the swatch would be Blackhawks over this Capitals sweater. Numbered to 149, I guess a auto-relic of Larry King (HELLO) is an ok hit. Better than some 3rd line forward in Toronto. I haven't decided what to do with it. Probably put it on the 'bay, but I haven't yet, so shoot me an email if you are interested in it.


Twitch said...

The base cards are so lame, but Larry is so wonderful... It all leaves me so conflicted. :/

Greg Zakwin said...

Cool pull dude!

madding said...

Larry King? That is really confusing!