Monday, September 12, 2016

2003 Upper Deck 40 Man Baseball

A family reunion trip in Bay Area resulted me a trip down at Stevens Creek Sport Cards in San Jose. Check them out if you are in San Jose area because they have great selection. I will be posting pile of packs I bought from them. This is one of them. Upper Deck counter Topps Total with 990 card 40-Man set. On to the pack
324 UD Vintage Update - Mendoza Signs With Red Sox - this is part of 60 card Vintage update subset to go along with their Vintage set. One card per pack. This card highlights of free agency one upmanship between Yankees and Red Sox during that time.
710 - Rob Mackowiak - that big "40" in the corner is an eyesore. The back shows entire MLB playing career stats up to that point. For some reason he was one of my favorites.
62 - Roy Halladay - its Doc Halladay
31 - Eric Chavez
722 - Felix Heredia
402 - Shane Reynolds - in Braves uniform after spending 11 years with Astros. Despite winning record he played poorly in his only season with the Braves.
756 - Brian Fuentes
455 - Jason Simontacchi
856 - Alex Rodriguez - Upper Deck top 40 players set which includes recently retired ARod
882 - Michel Hernandez - part of "New Releases" set consist of rookies and prospects. Had journeyman career in the minors playing total of 45 games in the majors. Now a coach for Charleston minor league team.

One pack down, more to go.....

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Man said...

Though I live 40 miles away Steven's Creek is my LOS. I even picked up of a pack of these myself. Nice idea but man way too many cards