Friday, July 28, 2017

1991 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Series 2

Since the National is happening and I'm not there, I decided to open a box of 1991 Stadium Club Series 2.  I completed series one from one box and hope is to do the same again.  This has been reviewed before but it's been awhile.  Most of you that read this love the junk wax era, I am sure.

This was the first year for Stadium Club.  The product was well received despite the high price point.  Photography was a large reason for the positive reaction.  As I opened packs, I was disappointed in the photography.  While series one had some great photos, this series left a bit to be desired.

My guess is that many of the photos were taken during spring training and it caused for a lot of boring photos.  There are a lot of portraits and spring training uniforms to be found.

1991 Stadium Club #472 Charles Nagy
Borderless cards are commonplace now but weren't in 1991.  No borders combined with minimal design on the front made these cards easy on the eyes.
1991 Stadium Club #472 Charles Nagy (back)
I loved seeing the "rookie" cards on the back.  I used quotes because it was of course only the Topps card.  In some cases players had Donruss or Fleer rookies first.  Another of my favorites was when the card pictured on the back was the card you were holding.

As an Indians fan during my teenage years, there was no way that I wasn't moving Charles Nagy to the front and posting him first.
1991 Stadium Club #455 Jose DeLeon

1991 Stadium Club #539 Rob Deer
Rob Deer - the "three outcomes" player of my youth.
1991 Stadium Club #399 Mark McGwire
Is it just me, or does Mark McGwire's bat actually look like it's bent?
1991 Stadium Club #528 Jeff King
Jeff King came to the Pirates just a little too late.  His best days were spent on some bad Pirates teams.
1991 Stadium Club #349 Todd Hundley

1991 Stadium Club #503 Hensley Meulens
I remember how good Hensley Meulens was supposed to be.
1991 Stadium Club #483 Efrain Valdez

1991 Stadium Club #441 Jeff M. Robinson

1991 Stadium Club #334 Bob Kipper

1991 Stadium Club #363 Duane Ward

1991 Stadium Club #316 Sam Horn
Sam Horn is my earliest memory of the northeast/Yankees/Red Sox bias.  After his rookie season he was destined for the Hall of Fame.  Yeah, about that...

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