Thursday, July 27, 2017

2017 Allen & Ginter Retail Value Pack

Since I don't collect much modern at all, I've been fighting the temptation to pick up a few packs of Allen & Ginter.  I gave in this morning and stopped by Target.  I picked up a couple of the "value packs" that contain three A&G packs and three gold bordered minis.

I'm only posting the first one here.  If you want to see the second, you will have to check out my personal blog, I Feel Like A Collector Again.

Nothing too special in pack one.  I will keep the Bud Black card just because if I have a baseball team, it's the Indians.

I am excited that the Bobby Bonilla Rediscover card was in this pack.  My blogging and podcast partner Jason collects Bonilla and I doubt that he has this one.

On a side note, I offer my opinion on the Rediscover program.  I know many hate it, but I actually like it.  For collectors of retired players (especially non-stars), this adds something new to search for and add to player collections.  For me, I'd love to some into a Russ Davis, Steve Kline, Darrell Whitmore or Chris Enochs Rediscover card.  It's not likely that any of these guys will be showing up on any new cards.

What I don't like about the program is the inclusion into anything other than flagship.  My personal opinion is that's where they should come from, not that Topps cares what I think.

I can't lie, I thought that my mini card was some sort or blank front error or short print card.  I looked up the checklists and "surprises," only to find nothing.  Upon closer examination I discovered that the "Constellations" cards look like this.  Nothing to see here.

These are the gold bordered minis from the pack.  I love these special parallels that Topps adds to some of their retail product.  Well done, Topps!

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JediJeff said...

Just to say, and many may know this: the constellation mini set is glow in the dark.