Monday, December 11, 2017

2017 WWE Then Now Forever

I have this scanned last month and forgot about it. Another WWE set with Then Now Forever label. I think more like an update from WWE set earlier this year.
138 - Aiden English - former Vaudevillian (and NXT tag team champion), now teaming up with Rusev making everyday Happy Rusev Day
 159 - Sami Zayn - he's trying fly right on top of Braun Strowman. Now teaming with his friend and blood feud opponent Kevin Owens. No matter how many times they fought and turn on each other you can never break up beautiful friendship between the two.
124 - Jojo
103 - Jerry Lawler - King of Memphis would do color commentary occasionally along being part of PPV analysis nowadays
 32 of 40 - card of Undertaker Tribute insert set. This one feature him beating Edge at Wrestlemania 24 for his second World Heavyweight title reign.
F24 - A.J. Styles - Finishers and Signature moves set. This one feature A.J. Styles doing his phenomenal forearm.
F-9 - Triple H - Triple Hputting his famed pedigree on jabroni name Roman Reigns.


Mich said...

I miss when WWE was still fun. Like Stone-Cold-Steve-Austin-driving-a-beer-truck-into-the-arena-and-spraying-the-audience-with-beer-kind of fun.

I will love the Undertaker forever.

Bulldog said...

I enjoy the wrestling cards. I don't know many of the stars anymore but it is such a great dynamic with the acting, wrestling, and TV shows. It is fun to follow. These cards are pretty good. My favorites are always the legends and seeing some of the wrestlers I followed when I was growing up. Good post. Thanks.